Why have an estate sale?

Loss of a loved one, downsizing, moving out of Province or Country or separating assets in divorce or separation.

It is proven that an on-site estate Sale will bring approximately $.38 on the $1.00 in comparison to any other discipline of sales

What areas do you provide services?

We are licenced for Southern Alberta, based out of Calgary.

Are estate sale services available for Apartment and Condos?

Apartment and Condominium complexes require a written request to the board. If provided with appropriate contact information, we will happily request permission on your behalf.

What do I have to do before the sale?

We encourage you to remove personal paperwork; photo’s and anything that is not for sale. As we are sorting through the home, if we uncover treasures and personal item’s we will set them aside. Such items may include valuables such as coins, jewelry, money, and personal photo’s.These items will be placed in a designated area for the family to collect or deem for sale

What happens to everything that is not sold?

After the family/ executor has done a walk through; following the last day of the sale anything remainging wil be donated.

Why would I choose Angels Estate Consulting?

With 11 proud years in business; we offer a hands-on, customized approach to every sale, giving each customer an experienced service tailored to their needs.

We employ mature and responsible staff, whose prior careers bring a wealth of knowledge that combined, bring over 50 years of Estate Liquidation experience.

We contact only Licenced Certified Appraisers to appraise all Art, Antiques, Coins, Collectables, Jewellery, and Toys.

How do you advertise the sale?

We have a huge following on our e-mail list as well as our Web site, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Market Place, Calgary Buy and Sell, Instagram, and Kijiji. We will also place large bright signage in the community to direct traffic to our sales.

How long are the sales?

Sale days and times are customized to the inventory and sometimes to the community/ location the onsite sale is to be held. Most sales require two day’s selling, if the sale is larger, three days may be required and on occasion one day is enough.

Do you discount items?

We do not discount items on the first day of a sale unless we apply a courtesy discount in circumstances where a client has spent a considerable amount of money. If a sale is two days in length, we may apply a 25% discount the morning of the second day and up to a 50% discount that afternoon. (these are guidelines only, subject to change customized to circumstances surrounding the sale).

Can my Mother / Father live in their home during the sale?

It is possible however this process can be very disruptive and upsetting to them. In some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate this in the short term.

How much do you charge?

The cost depends on so many variables, we provide a free walk through and estimate. Cost will depend on how much set up time is required, how many staff I need to safely and securely run your sale and how many days sale we are looking at.

I charge a flat rate, half of which I ask for upfront at the time your proposal is signed, the other half of the flat rate can come out of the total proceeds of the sale as well as a percentage. Percentages vary depending on content of your sale. There are no other hidden fees unless you require a bin service, which you would be charged service and dumping fees.